The EUROPA collecting container presents an alternative to sewage plants in areas where absolutely no wastewater must drain or seep away (e.g. in water protection areas). As well, it is suitable for holiday homes, which are not used all the year round, or one-person households respectively households with a water consumption less than 50 cbm per year.

Die EUROPA-Behältergrößen

The EUROPA container is also available as a two-chamber tank (for later conversion into a SBR sewage plant) and as a three-chamber tank (e.g. suitable as primary treatment for plant bed installations).

Due to its double-walled PE sandwich construction it is

  • light-weight and thus, cost-efficient and easy to install.
  • permanently leakproof and thus, does not need continuous resealing.
  • wastewater-resistant due to its tank made of polyethylene.

EUROPA available tank sizes

Die EUROPA-Behältergrößen

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