Tank sizes

Our sewage plants and tanks are available in the following sizes:


Tank type





2-4 PE 1715 185 cm 232 cm 3.100 l 305 kg
4-6 PE 2015 220 cm 235 cm 4.400 l 360 kg
8 PE 2315 250 cm 240 cm 5.800 l 440 kg
10 PE 2317 250 cm 265 cm 6.800 l 465 kg
12 PE 2320 250 cm 290 cm 8.000 l 480 kg
16 PE 2320 250 cm 290 cm 8.000 l 480 kg
(only TORNADO)

Larger sewage plants for up to 50 PE are realised in combination of 2 to 6 tanks

ready-to-connect, insert in TGL-pit

Installation alternatives

  • Newly install BLUEVITA complete plant
  • Insert BLUEVITA complete plant into existing concrete pit

Extensive earthworks and demolition works can possibly be avoided if the existing concrete cesspit (e.g. according to TGL norm), which due to leakage must not be retrofitted, can be re-used as a building pit for a permanently leakproof BLUEVITA sewage plant.

  • BLUEVITA used as a fully biological secondary treatment following a primary treatment cesspit
  • BLUEVITA retrofit kits for existing cesspits

inserted and connected in TGL pit

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