From now on, the thousandfold proven technology of the BLUEVITA blower-operated SBR (sequencing batch reactor) plant is also available in a new (single-walled) polyethylene tank, which is just as good as our double-walled tank.

It is especially designed for installation in existing concrete pits, but, due to its enormous stability, is also excellently suited for ground installation. As like any other of our products, the TOPBLUE LIGHTLINE too is characterized by an outstanding clarification performance, exceptional quality and low operating costs.

This plant is really light-weight and thus, quick and easy to transport even to hard-to-reach places. The conic dome shape, the incorporated indentations and the unique colour make TOPBLUE LIGHTLINE an optically and qualitatively exclusive installation partner.
All you can see of the TOPBLUE LIGHTLINE Premium pro sewage plant from the outside is the polyethylene cover of the tank, the small ventilation hood and the weatherproof plastic control column. All components are housed in this control column and thus, protected from wastewater vapour and easy to maintain. As well, the piston blowers respectively membrane blowers with solenoid valves for the air supply and electronic program control are included in here.

Alternatively, the plant is also available as Premium eco sewage plant equipped with a wall rack for indoor mounting.

Functioning of the TOPBLUE sewage plant

The TOPBLUE sewage plant consists of two functional chambers with air-driven ejectors. Due to the fact that no parts susceptible to failures are used (e.g. pumps and float switches), a permanently good clarification performance is ensured.

The SBR plant clarifies the wastewater time-controlled in single portions. Thus, the operating conditions (especially the oxygen feed) can be adapted to the different clarification bacteria. Also further purification steps are possible (e.g. nitrogen degradation).

The clarification process is carried out in different steps:

  1. Primary treatment and sludge storage: Here, the solids deposit.
  2. Reactor: The clarification bacteria clean the solid-free wastewater.
  3. In-feed: A portion of solid-free wastewater is pumped into the reactor (using pressurized air).
  4. Effluent drain: The clarified water is pumped back into the natural cycle (using pressurized air).
  5. Sludge re-transfer: Solid degradation products are pumped back into the sludge storage (using pressurized air).
  6. Hose aerator: It conducts the air in fine bubbles into the reactor.
  7. Control column (control unit): It contains all technical components (blower, controller etc.) and has no contact with the wastewater in the clarification tank.
  8. Ventilation hood: Outlet of used air to the outside.

TOPBLUE LIGHTLINE available tank sizes



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