The deadline for old cesspits is expiring

The clock for retrofitting old cesspits is ticking! Operators of wastewater systems, which are not state-of-the-art and thus, do not comply with the current legal regulations, principally have to expect fines and even the sealing of their plant. This means for users of three-chamber treatment plants and similar systems with mechanical wastewater treatment: It is high time to start a new build or to retrofit! As, according to German federal law and EU Regulation, only state-of-the-art cleaned domestic sewage can be directly discharged into receiving waters.

For this reason, it is recommended to apply as soon as possible for a water permit for a new or retrofitted sewage plant and, in case, also for a public financial support.

But no need to worry! BLUEVITA is ready to assist you:

  • Advice in selecting a suitable treatment process as well as plant size
  • Support for correct application
  • Assistance when applying for financial support of a sewage plant
  • Hints for master data sheet
  • Support during submission of the above mentioned documents
  • Assistance in selecting the right financing model

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