BLUEVITA® Range of products

The current range of products provided by BLUEVITA® comprises the following plants:

TORNADO fully biological fluidizing bed process
VITALIS fully biological fixed-bed process
TOPBLUE fully biological SBR process
LIGHTLINE fully biological SBR process
EUROPA collecting or primary container
Installation Tank size and installation
Retrofit Retrofit kits for various sewage plants


Innovative buoyancy protection

In order to use the light-weight BLUEVITA tank also in areas with a high ground water level, BLUEVITA has developed a unique buoyancy protection. It is easy to mount, hot-dip galvanised, equipped with a plastic cladding and thus, durably protects the tank from floating.

High-mounted ejector outward flow

By means of an additional air-driven ejector in the tank, the effluent can be lifted by about 50 cm above the standard discharge level and thus, can be drained in a shallow stream or an elevated infiltration. Then, the drainage is carried out pressureless in a KG pipe.

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