Retrofit kits

BLUEVITA also provides retrofit kits for different clarification processes. With these retrofit kits an intact concrete cesspit can quickly be transformed into a fully biological sewage plant. However, this requires a concrete pit, which is absolutely leakproof to the outside as well as between the functional chambers. Usually, only newer monolithic concrete pits provide this. Otherwise, the pit has to be regularly sealed with considerable effort.

VITALIS Nachrüstsatz

Example: VITALIS retrofit kit

BLUEVITA provides three different types of retrofit kits:

VITALIS retrofit kit

The VITALIS fixed-bed process is available for existing or new three-chamber concrete containers.


TORNADO retrofit kit

The TORNADO moving bed process is available for existing or new three-chamber concrete containers, adaptable for diameters of up to 2.5 meters respectively water depths of up to 2.0 meters.


TOPBLUE (SBR) retrofit kit

The classic SBR clarification process is available as a retrofit kit as well. Either as the Premium eco variant with wall rack or as the Premium pro variant with an outer control column.



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