TORNADO is the modern moving bed technology from BLUEVITA. It works with lots of free-floating biofilm carriers, so called EvU-Pearls®, on which microorganisms are growing. TORNADO complies with the purification class C (carbon degradation) as well as with the high purification class D (denitrification). Due to the particularly efficient biofilm (surface of carrier material EvU-Pearl®, 800 m2/m3), TORNADO provides excellent effluent values.

All you cann see of the TORNADO Premium pro – sewage plant from the outside is the polyethylene cover of the tank, the small ventilation hood and the weatherproof plastic control column. All components are housed in this control column and thus, protected from wastewater vapour and easy to maintain. As well, the piston blowers respectively membrane blowers with solenoid valves for the air supply and electronic program control are included in here.

Alternatively, the plant is also available as Premium eco sewage plant equipped with a wall rack for indoor mounting.

Functioning of the TORNADO sewage plant

The modern moving bed technology uses three chambers and is designed and optimized in a way, that the wastewater in its natural flow (without pumps) stays as long as possible in the tank. For that reason, TORNADO is especially suited for inflow fluctuations (temporary overload and underload).

The clarification process is carried out in different steps:

  1. Chamber (Primary treatment): Inflow. Primary treatment by settling of solids carried in the wastewater. The chamber is used as storage for the primary and secondary sludge.
  2. Chamber (Bioreactor): Here, the biological clarification with microorganisms takes places, which grow as so called biofilm on the free-floating, patented carrier material (EvU-Pearl®) and are aerated at the same time.
  3. Chamber (Secondary treatment): Residual solids from the biological clarification deposit here and are re-transferred to the primary treatment and activation chamber by means of air-driven ejectors. The clarified water returns to the natural cycle via the drain.

TORNADO available tank sizes

Larger installations for more than 16 PE are realised by connecting several tanks.

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